Why aging is sexy

Our relationship with aging, in Western society, is increasingly upside down and inside out. No wonder people are dying on the inside before they look old on the outside.

We spend billions of dollars each year – a figure growing annually – on potions, pills, strict dietary regimes, gravity-defying fashions, time on surgeons tables in a vain attempt to defy the law of nature.

What on Earth are people trying to achieve?

We are all growing older, every single day. And that’s cool. It is a life experience that should be viewed as a privilege countless billions of fellow humans will never know.

And yet so many waste the gift of a long life.

Ironically and tragically, casualties of our own misguided quest for ‘eternal’ youth, this narcissist-ridden look-at-me anti-aging society is collectively missing the really really good stuff; the wisdom, the joy and irreverent take on life that can only burst forward once one’s been on this planet beyond a couple of decades.

How wonderful it is to dive into the pot of life experiences of someone who’s lived 50, 70, 90 or more years! To listen to their anecdotes.

To learn from past mistakes and regrets. To paw through the pages of a living, breathing older person’s archive of life … these are the people we should be bowing down to, begging for a few moments of their precious time, putting on a mood-lit pedestal in popular culture.

Older age, you are my hero.


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