Copycats are still uncool

It is one of the first things you learn in the schoolyard.

  • You don’t rubberneck during exams.
  • Don’t sneak notes into your written driving test.
  • And never knock off your best mate’s school formal dress design etc etc.

It isn’t very cool.

Fast forward to adulthood and it seems some folks do think it is OK to mimic other’s personal choices.

Repeat after me, copycats are never cool.

A relation of mine, beloved as she is, inked herself with the same design as mine. The ultimate pack act, you may say. Well, yes. Except I didn’t discover our body art bond until AFTER the fact.

Yep, she got her tattoo while I was on the other side of the world and without my knowledge.

Not. Very. Cool.

More recently, good coupled-up buddies of mine – let’s call them Ben and Pen* – were asked by a third-party couple if it was OK if they call their imminently newborn son Den*.

A sweet gesture of friendship, you may croon.

Yes. Except for the fact that Ben and Pen’s own firstborn son is named Den. And the other couple’s names are also, you guessed it, Ben and Pen.

What are the chances?

Now, two couples with the same first names is a totally random and unavoidable quirk. A bit funny, a bit awkward, some may say even kinda cool.

What isn’t cool is continuing the same-name game beyond one generation. Now that is downright disrespectful.

To make matters worse Ben and Pen (the originals) were put on the spot by impostor Ben and Pen, who revealed their firstborn name choice and finished with a casual “but you’re cool with that, hey?”

Um, no.

There are a billion, make that a trillion names out there people, so it shouldn’t be too hard to pick one that doesn’t clash with names already taken in your peer group.

You couldn’t choose to have a different name to the 16 other Waynes or Louises at primary school, but you would have if you could have.

So there is no need to inflict the same follow-me fate on your offspring.

Pick. Another. Name.

And, repeat, don’t copy your relative’s tattoos when they are out of town.

Follow these simple social copyright rules, cats, and you’ll be far closer to cool than fool.

* Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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