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Kid you not, I’m here to report on life with wild abandon.

Part writer, part talker, always thinker, I’m either asking questions, lots of questions, or talking to my dog.

Sometimes my dog needs to walk away…

The legacy of 16+ years in this journalism game is extensive knowledge of the workings of the real estate industry, the Australian business landscape, global travel (business and leisure) and a broad network of contacts across national and international communities.

Bedside reading materials include a mishmash of modern arts, politics, psychology and philosophy.

Throw in a report on astronomy or astrology, a bit of pop culture, and you’ve got my measure.

If your story is odd or amusing, a front page or a romping weekend read, get in touch if you’re ready to share.

If your story is more urgent than a message in a bottle, if you’re finding carrier pigeons way too flighty.

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