Copycats are still uncool

It is one of the first things you learn in the schoolyard.

  • You don’t rubberneck during exams.
  • Don’t sneak notes into your written driving test.
  • And never knock off your best mate’s school formal dress design etc etc.

It isn’t very cool.

Fast forward to adulthood and it seems some folks do think it is OK to mimic other’s personal choices.

Repeat after me, copycats are never cool.
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Why aging is sexy

Our relationship with aging, in Western society, is increasingly upside down and inside out. No wonder people are dying on the inside before they look old on the outside.

We spend billions of dollars each year – a figure growing annually – on potions, pills, strict dietary regimes, gravity-defying fashions, time on surgeons tables in a vain attempt to defy the law of nature.

What on Earth are people trying to achieve?

We are all growing older, every single day. And that’s cool. It is a life experience that should be viewed as a privilege countless billions of fellow humans will never know. Continue reading “Why aging is sexy”

Want to live? Dare yourself to fall

I brushed death on my birthday, fell from a plane.

Everyone needs an upside-down view of this planet to tweak the way you see.
Upside-down view of this planet sure to broaden how you see.

But I didn’t want it to end.

Not life, not my birthday, and not the freedom of looking out on this beautiful chunk of rock and water we call Earth from the viewpoint of eagles.

You could never want that to end.

Humans are not designed to be here – in the space of birds and flying metal. Continue reading “Want to live? Dare yourself to fall”